I am a believer, an addict of list making, & lover of 90’s hip-hop. Small talk makes me cringe. I tend to lean toward the sarcastic side, love a good analogy & I laugh too much at averagely funny things. 

I am...

I'm Minnesota grown & now call Washington home with my handsome partner Pat, our lil' Ham of a daughter Collette, and fur babes, Goose & Alma. 

 I'm a Gemini through and through, I love soaking up information & I love sharing it in return. Fruit snacks are my weakness, I like my coffee black, I think sushi is a fad, & Beyonce is my spirit animal. I have an amazon book addiction (paper > digital...it just feels right!) and I strive to keep growing & learning & working toward the best version of myself.

I love simple style (especially as a new mom!), green/clean beauty, & a healthy lifestyle. I consider myself a jack of all trades, but a master at none… and you can see my love for sharing it all over on the blog! 

I'm heather

hey there!

I want to capture your laughter, your love, your candid. I’ll never leave you wondering what to do or where to stand, I’ll prompt you in a way so that you’re natural self can unfold in front of my lens. It fills me up to capture the real smiles, the can’t-hold-it-in laughter, and the warm embraces. 

When we work together...

If you love laughter, real good hugs, and all things candid….then, Hi, I’m Heather & I’m so happy you’re here. 

My favorite thing about a photograph is how it makes you feel, what memories it stirs up & the emotions they fill you with. Beleive me when I say, when I get home from our session and start flipping through the images we've captured. I'm smiling. I get so excited knowing that I've frozen a moment in this season of your life and turned it into something you get to look back on, you get to feel, over and over. This is the purpose behind my work, my drive, my why. What do you want captured? What do you want to hold onto and look back at years from now?

My Why

My Why

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If I'm excited about something or someone, I literally can't stop talking about it.  Like, I won't let you move past that conversation,  that excited. 

Hype Girl

Our sassy, full of expression daughter joined us November 2019. I had always wanted to be a boy mom, until she came. Now I'll take a million more of her. 


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I'm the girl at the house party in the corner petting your dog. Dogs at photo sessions? YES PLEASE. See my two nuggets below, Goose & Alma.

Dogs always welcome

We met at a bar in San Diego. Started chatting via instagram after going our separate ways, that night. Did the long distance game... and then I packed it all up & moved to Washington

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