Planning Consultations
5-10 hours of coverage
Custom Wedding Day Timeline
Online Viewing Gallery with your High Resolution Images

5 Hours BeginS at $1750

I won’t be able to change the weather or be sure your cousin Bob is on time for family photos… but I promise I’ll be there before, during, & after to assist with any and all of your questions, hold your veil or borrow you a bobby pin, crack jokes to get the wedding party laughing naturally (can’t promise they’ll be good!), sneak you away for a take-it-all-in moment alone together at sunset, and leave you with images of your favorite day you can’t resist sharing.

My couples are focused into each moment as they unfold on their big day. They go with the flow & you can feel the gratitude they have for the people that surround them. Their wedding day is a celebration of their love with some big laughs, joyful tears, and giant hugs...and to get some killer make-you-smile-years-from now photos to with it.

If this sounds like you & you're feeling extra pumped for your big day... then you're in the right place!

When I photograph your wedding...



Session Planning
1 Hour portrait/ 1.5 hours for newborn
Online Viewing Gallery
35+ High Resolution Photos
Contact for birth story details

*subject to sales tax*

Newborn $450

The things that make your family smile, giggle, hug, cry, play, & dance… let’s do that. Except this time, I’m gonna be there with my camera to capture it all for you. . When you pull out the family pictures  hanging out for family dinner on a Sunday 20 years from now, I want those images to spark story telling & laughter. If you want to ditch the matching white t's and awkward posing and you want to rock your favorite lounge sweater and snuggle up on the ouch or maybe a twirly dress adventuring into the mountains to watch the sunset, if you want to create art to hang in your home that tells a story, your story...then you've come to the right place.

Birth Stories too...
I could go on and on about what capturing new life means to me. Whether it be the first few hours in the hospital, at home, or opening up your space during the moment your bundle let’s out their first cry…I’m here for you. You, my friend, are incredibly strong and powerful… I want to show you that in photograph.  



Planning Consultations
1 hour photo session
Online Viewing Gallery
35 High Resolution Images


ENTREPRENUERS. This is for you!

I want to make images that bring your brand to life! No stuffy sit & cross arms head shots (ew), instead let’s get you in action. Doing what it is you do best. From you to your product, I'll take the photographs that tell your brands story. Need a month or two supply of social media images? I can do that too.

How it works:
We'll set up a consultation so I can learn what you and your brand are about and your vision for marketing. We'll work together to game plan your photo session & make sure you get everything you need to tell your brands story. 




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